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Translation Services

All written material needs to be sensitive to both the country and the people it aims to influence

When an organisation markets its products in a new country, a number of factors need to be considered. Documents ranging from simple letters of introduction to legal documents and contracts, product labelling, marketing and sales literature all need to be translated accurately into the local language, in order to make a long-lasting impact on the target audience.

Global Business Links helps you break down barriers successfully by overcoming those communication difficulties that invariably arise when conducting business overseas - whether they relate to written documents, meeting new clients who may not speak your language or even attending trade fairs and exhibitions.

Some of our most frequently-used language pairs are:

  French > English  >  French
  German > English  > German
  Spanish > English  > Spanish
  Italian  > English  > Italian 
  Mandarin > English  > Mandarin

We can also provide translators for less common language pairs.

All our translators are professionals, translating only into their mother-tongue to ensure the correct usage and flow of language.

Cultural Etiquette

Due to growing demand, we are now able to arrange private language tuition and cultural etiquette courses to suit individual schedules. Please contact us with your specific requirements at